Health Household , Household Supplies,/impeder611482.html,R1,25円,Sino,2100mA,Compatible,Pentax,Cameron,BP02C,MB02,,Battery,with 25円 Cameron Sino 2100mA BP02C,MB02 Compatible with Battery Pentax R1 Health Household Household Supplies Cameron Sino 2100mA BP02C MB02 販売実績No.1 R1 Battery Pentax with Compatible 25円 Cameron Sino 2100mA BP02C,MB02 Compatible with Battery Pentax R1 Health Household Household Supplies Cameron Sino 2100mA BP02C MB02 販売実績No.1 R1 Battery Pentax with Compatible Health Household , Household Supplies,/impeder611482.html,R1,25円,Sino,2100mA,Compatible,Pentax,Cameron,BP02C,MB02,,Battery,with

Cameron Sino 2100mA BP02C ストア MB02 販売実績No.1 R1 Battery Pentax with Compatible

Cameron Sino 2100mA BP02C,MB02 Compatible with Battery Pentax R1


Cameron Sino 2100mA BP02C,MB02 Compatible with Battery Pentax R1

Product description

Cameron Sino Technology Limited was founded in 2000 in Hong Kong,We focus our market on battery products which targeting to build up a Battery Supermarket.

Compatible Device Model:
Pentax R100,R-100X,R200,R-200X,R-202N,R225N,R300,R-300X,R-322NX,R-322NXM,R-325NXM,R800

Compatible Battery Part NO.:

Original Specifications:
Capacity: 2100mAh/12.6Wh
Size: 89.17 x 47.25 x 22.06mm

1.Don't disassemble
2.Don't dispose of in fire or water
3. Don't store above 60 ℃(140℉)

Tips Before Purchase
Please double confirm the compatible model and original battery part number before you purchase it.
If you are not sure how to replace battery, please feel free to send email to us with your battery details or pictures, we will give you free professional suggestion.
Your satisfaction is very important to us, if you have any questions, Please feel free to send Eamil contact us, and we will reply within 24 hours.

Cameron Sino 2100mA BP02C,MB02 Compatible with Battery Pentax R1

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