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Squirrelly 3

Squirrelly 3" Inch Stainless Steel Mandrel 30 Degree Bends Angle


Squirrelly 3" Inch Stainless Steel Mandrel 30 Degree Bends Angle

Product description

Squirrelly 3" Inch Stainless Steel Mandrel High Quality 30 Degree Bends Angles Turbo Custom Exhaust System Fabrication Shops Piping Pack of 2

We have many combinations of radius and tube diameter to suit professional exhaust builders, fab shops and racers alike. We are continuously adding to our capabilities and inventory.

We offer mandrel bent 304 stainless steel in various diameters and bend angles to help with your custom exhaust and turbo system fabrication.


  • 2 Pack of 30 Degree Mandrel Bends.
  • 16 Gauge. 304 Stainless Steel
  • True Mandrel Bends
  • 30 Degree. 3.00" Diameter

Squirrelly 3" Inch Stainless Steel Mandrel 30 Degree Bends Angle

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