BAZIC 3 Ring Binder 1" Poly - So Organizer Binders Glitter Color お歳暮 67円 BAZIC 3 Ring Binder 1" Poly Binders Organizer - Glitter Color So Office Products Office School Supplies BAZIC 3 Ring Binder 1" Poly - So Organizer Binders Glitter Color お歳暮 3,So,Binder,Binders,Office Products , Office School Supplies,Poly,Color,Ring,Organizer,,-,67円,BAZIC,/humidness359847.html,1",Glitter 67円 BAZIC 3 Ring Binder 1" Poly Binders Organizer - Glitter Color So Office Products Office School Supplies 3,So,Binder,Binders,Office Products , Office School Supplies,Poly,Color,Ring,Organizer,,-,67円,BAZIC,/humidness359847.html,1",Glitter

BAZIC 3 Ring Binder 1

BAZIC 3 Ring Binder 1" Poly Binders Organizer - Glitter Color So


BAZIC 3 Ring Binder 1" Poly Binders Organizer - Glitter Color So

Product Description


Our goal is to provide each customer with long-lasting supplies at an great value. Since 1998, we’ve delivered on this promise and will only continue to improve every year. We’ve built our brand on integrity and quality, so customers know exactly what to expect.


We are a value-driven company, guided by the principles of excellence through strong product design at value. Our commitment to these values is reflected in our dedication to improving current products and developing new exciting products for our consumers.


Our currency is ideas. We thrive on imagination, passion and leadership. We have great products and will to continue to rise with our customer expectations.


Each and every product we send out, we expect satisfaction. While our supplies are sourced from all across the world, our success stems from individual consumer fulfillment. We create products that people want to recommend to others.

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BAZIC 1" 3-Ring Binder w/ 2-Pockets BAZIC 1/2" 3-Ring View Binder w/ 2-Pockets BAZIC 1" 3-Ring View Binder w/ 2-Pockets BAZIC 1.5" 3-Ring View Binder w/ 2-Pockets BAZIC 2" Slant-D Ring View Binder w/ 2 Pockets BAZIC 3" Slant-D Ring View Binder w/ 2 Pockets
Sheet Capacity 175 100 175 280 480 600
Interior Pockets
Clear Cover Overlay
Slant D-Ring

Keeping Things Organized

With our BAZIC Binders, you have a well-built product that allows you to stay organized with ease. This is the perfect type of product for those school and office supply needs. Ideal for anyone looking to keep assignments and projects in order.


Everyday Essential

Our goal is to provide each customer with long-lasting supplies at a great value. Since 1998, we’ve delivered on this promise and will only continue to improve every year. We’ve built our brand on integrity and quality, so customers know exactly what to expect.

BAZIC 3 Ring Binder 1" Poly Binders Organizer - Glitter Color So

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Discover the Native Plants of North America

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