Gaming,Chair,ModernLuxe,PU,Chair,112円,Ergonomic,Style,Office,Racing,Office Products , Office Furniture Lighting,,/fatty360020.html,L ModernLuxe Ergonomic Gaming Chair Racing PU 評価 Style L Office 112円 ModernLuxe Ergonomic Gaming Chair Racing Style Office Chair PU L Office Products Office Furniture Lighting ModernLuxe Ergonomic Gaming Chair Racing PU 評価 Style L Office Gaming,Chair,ModernLuxe,PU,Chair,112円,Ergonomic,Style,Office,Racing,Office Products , Office Furniture Lighting,,/fatty360020.html,L 112円 ModernLuxe Ergonomic Gaming Chair Racing Style Office Chair PU L Office Products Office Furniture Lighting

ModernLuxe Ergonomic Gaming Chair Racing PU 評価 Style L ついに入荷 Office

ModernLuxe Ergonomic Gaming Chair Racing Style Office Chair PU L


ModernLuxe Ergonomic Gaming Chair Racing Style Office Chair PU L

Product description


This racing chair can not only give you a comfortable gaming experience, but also relax your body. It can minimize spine aches and pains as much as possible. Of course, you can sit on it for a nap.

Ergonomically design offers much comfort during your office time and gaming sessions
Seat height adjustable down to a comfortable position
The backrest provides a strong support for the spine
Sturdy base provides excellent stability
Assembly is required

Seat dimension: 18.9”W x 18.9”D
Back dimension: 24.8”W x 26.8”D
Sitting Height: 16.5”- 20.5”H
Overall Height: 43.3” - 47.3”H
More details look at the picture with detailed size

Notice: Items may slightly different from photo in terms of color due to the lighting during photo shooting or the monitor's display.

Please feel free to contact us if there is missing or damaged part during the process of shipping, We will Come to You ASAP.

ModernLuxe Ergonomic Gaming Chair Racing Style Office Chair PU L

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