Sports Outdoors , Sports Fitness,28円,/enrough160213.html,Mk-1,Terry,Men's,,Armour,Under,Tapered,Pants 28円 Under Armour Men's Mk-1 Terry Tapered Pants Sports Outdoors Sports Fitness Under Armour SALENEW大人気! Men's Mk-1 Terry Pants Tapered 28円 Under Armour Men's Mk-1 Terry Tapered Pants Sports Outdoors Sports Fitness Under Armour SALENEW大人気! Men's Mk-1 Terry Pants Tapered Sports Outdoors , Sports Fitness,28円,/enrough160213.html,Mk-1,Terry,Men's,,Armour,Under,Tapered,Pants

Under 直営店 Armour SALENEW大人気 Men's Mk-1 Terry Pants Tapered

Under Armour Men's Mk-1 Terry Tapered Pants


Under Armour Men's Mk-1 Terry Tapered Pants

Product description

It's French Terry you can actually work out in – the same comfort amp; warmth, but lighter amp; faster. Material wicks sweat amp; dries really fast. Encased elastic waistband with internal drawcord. Secure hand pockets with right-side internal phone pocket. Tapered leg fit. Inseam: 28.5".

From the manufacturer

Rival Fleece Pant Armour Fleece Pant MK1 Terry Tapered Pant Vanish Hybrid Pant
Fit Type Loose Loose Fitted Fitted
Fabric Composition 100% Polyester 100% Polyester 100% Polyester 59% Elasterell, 41% Polyester
Hand Pockets Open hand pockets with right-side internal phone pocket Open hand pockets Secure zip hand pockets Secure zip hand pockets
Silhouette Straight leg fit Straight leg fit Tapered leg fit Tapered leg fit
Inseam 31" 31" 28.5" 30"
Tell Me More Ultra-soft, 230g cotton-blend fleece. Encased elastic waistband with external drawcord. Woven patch logo. Armour Fleece is light, breathable amp; stretches for superior mobility. Soft inner layer traps heat to keep you warm amp; comfortable. Encased elastic waistband with internal drawcord. It's French Terry you can actually work out in - the same comfort amp; warmth, but lighter amp; faster. Encased elastic waistband with internal drawcord. A Microthread technology in the fabric dries faster, won’t cling to you, won’t chafe amp; stretches without absorbing sweat. Ergonomic design increases durability. 4-way stretch. Strategic ventilation. Engineered elastic waistband.

Under Armour Men's Mk-1 Terry Tapered Pants

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