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Ouray Sportswear ギフ_包装 特価 Jacket Range

Ouray Sportswear Range Jacket


Ouray Sportswear Range Jacket

Product description

Our tech weave printed micron polyester is a lightweight, wind/water-resistant fabric with a omni-sof microfleece lined body and hood. The taffeta lined sleeves and adjustable droptail hem has a hidden drawcord system. The raglan sleeves offer maximum mobility while the U-shaped all access Decoration zipper makes decorating an ease. The range jacket includes an adjustable 3-Piece hood, dual front zippered pockets and an inside zippered valuables pocket. The Range Jacket features a tech weave printed Micron™ lightweight polyester and an Omni-Sof™ microfleece lined body and hood. Taffeta lined sleeves provide ease when putting on this style.

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Ouray Sportswear Range Jacket


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