Cozylifeunion Pedal Exerciser - Hand Arm Recovery Leg Med お得 Knee 56円 Cozylifeunion Pedal Exerciser - Hand Arm Leg Knee Recovery Med Sports Outdoors Sports Fitness Recovery,Exerciser,Arm,Med,,/curdly632171.html,Sports Outdoors , Sports Fitness,Knee,Cozylifeunion,-,56円,Hand,Leg,Pedal Cozylifeunion Pedal Exerciser - Hand Arm Recovery Leg Med お得 Knee Recovery,Exerciser,Arm,Med,,/curdly632171.html,Sports Outdoors , Sports Fitness,Knee,Cozylifeunion,-,56円,Hand,Leg,Pedal 56円 Cozylifeunion Pedal Exerciser - Hand Arm Leg Knee Recovery Med Sports Outdoors Sports Fitness

Cozylifeunion Pedal Exerciser 安心の実績 高価 買取 強化中 - Hand Arm Recovery Leg Med お得 Knee

Cozylifeunion Pedal Exerciser - Hand Arm Leg Knee Recovery Med


Cozylifeunion Pedal Exerciser - Hand Arm Leg Knee Recovery Med

Product description

Cozylifeunion Home Physiotherapy Station - Total-Body Workout for arms, legs, and knees all at the same time

Try out this compact total-body exercise dual bike, giving you a total-body physiotherapy and improving joint motion effectively

LCD Digital Monitor

Come with a Large sized LCD screen for monitoring your workouts - shows RPM, time, speed, distance and calories burned, tracking your progress to keep you motivated and on pace easily.

Adjustable Tension Knob

Adjust the intensity at ease for a personalized experience with the tension knob. Offer multi-level resistance, suit for people of different age, small equipment but great use.

Non-skid Feet Pad

Non-skid rubber feet pads for extra stability and security. Anti-scuff rubber feet will never scratch the floor, it can be used both on floor for leg exercise and on desk for arm exercise.

Seven Selective Adjustable Heights

Height adjustable mechanism, let you exercise with Seven different height levels from chair, sofa, bed side, so you can adjust the height of the hand amp; rocker according to the height of the user.

Total-Body exerciser

Compact home physiotherapy station, you can get a powerful workout for your chest and back muscles, shoulders, forearms, and core muscles, prevent unwanted fat deposits and weakening of the upper arm muscles. You can sit on your chair or sofa to exercise your leg and arm while watching TV, reading a book, playing games, talking on the phone, or any other time.


Color: Black

Material: Stainless Steel

Overall Dimension: 15”L x 14.2”W

Maximum height: 34.6"

Lowest height: 29.3"

What You Get:

1 x Fitness Training Machine

1 x Fixing Strap

Cozylifeunion Pedal Exerciser - Hand Arm Leg Knee Recovery Med

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