CTi Knee 新色 Brace Set XXLarge Snocross - CTi Knee 新色 Brace Set XXLarge Snocross - 560円,Snocross,/coated632068.html,-,Health Household , Medical Supplies Equipment,CTi,Set,-,Knee,XXLarge,Brace,praudhi.com 560円 CTi Knee Brace Set - Snocross - XXLarge Health Household Medical Supplies Equipment 560円 CTi Knee Brace Set - Snocross - XXLarge Health Household Medical Supplies Equipment 560円,Snocross,/coated632068.html,-,Health Household , Medical Supplies Equipment,CTi,Set,-,Knee,XXLarge,Brace,praudhi.com

CTi Knee 新色 Brace Set 超激安 XXLarge Snocross -

CTi Knee Brace Set - Snocross - XXLarge


CTi Knee Brace Set - Snocross - XXLarge

Product Description

Athlete tested and proven, CTi braces provide the ultimate combination of stabilization and protection of the knee joint. CTi uses titanium Accutrac hinges with extension stops to glide with the knee. In addition, breathable liners coated with Sensil silicone ensure the CTi remains properly positioned on the leg for optimal functional benefit. Outfitted with flexible cuffs and D-rings, the carbon frame provides a rigid exoskeleton that stabilizes the knee joint. The first version of the CTi was released in 1983 by Innovation Sports, set up by Jim and his brother Ed with endorsement and investment from renowned knee surgeon Dr Richard Steadman. Named after the Carbon (C) frame and Titanium (Ti) hinges and tested on skiers, the first brace sold was actually to a motocross rider. It has since become a staple of many riders kit and established itself as one of the most popular options for knee bracing in action sports.

How to measure for the correct size:



cti feature call out
cti motocross layout


  • CTi Knee Brace
  • AMS Wrap
  • Patella Protector Cup
  • Gear Guard
  • Undersleeve
  • CTi drawstring backpack

CTi Knee Brace Set - Snocross - XXLarge

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