Summit SUP-058 Premium Multi Fit メーカー公式ショップ Roof Set Steel Black Bars of 73円 Summit SUP-058 Premium Multi Fit Roof Bars, Black Steel, Set of Automotive Automotive Enthusiast Merchandis Summit SUP-058 Premium Multi Fit メーカー公式ショップ Roof Set Steel Black Bars of 73円 Summit SUP-058 Premium Multi Fit Roof Bars, Black Steel, Set of Automotive Automotive Enthusiast Merchandis Fit,SUP-058,Premium,Summit,Automotive , Automotive Enthusiast Merchandis,Steel,,Roof,,Black,Bars,,73円,/carboxy685072.html,Multi,of,Set Fit,SUP-058,Premium,Summit,Automotive , Automotive Enthusiast Merchandis,Steel,,Roof,,Black,Bars,,73円,/carboxy685072.html,Multi,of,Set

Summit SUP-058 Premium Multi Fit メーカー公式ショップ Roof Set Steel Black Bars of 休み

Summit SUP-058 Premium Multi Fit Roof Bars, Black Steel, Set of


Summit SUP-058 Premium Multi Fit Roof Bars, Black Steel, Set of

Product description


Mountney Ltd have been distributing and developing roof racks, cycle carriers and accessories for over 30 years.

They have now launched their new Summit Premium Multifit Steel Roof Bars range of roof bars and carriers to encompass more of the growing British car park.


This heavy duty Roof Rack system contains everything you need to fit a set of roof bars to your car. The roof bars are suitable for all Roof Rack accessories including Roof Boxes, Bike Carriers, Surfboard / Canoe / Kayak carriers, Ladder clamps etc.

They Offer :

Superb quality.

Value for money.

Guaranteed for 3 years and are manufactured to TUV and GS standards.

Each bar is designed to be strong, easy to fit and safe to use.

30mm x 20mm Oval Steel Bars.

Moulded protective sleeves and polyester coating ensure minimal damage to loads

Maximum resistance to corrosions.

The bars are semi assembled for ease of fitment

These are not universal bars they are designed to fit your car.

Aerodynamically shaped to reduce wind noise

Max Weight 50 kgs



The above picture could be generic.

These bars will fit the vehicles listed below:

Fiat Panda (03 -12)(5 Door) ()(Fixed point Bar)


Summit SUP-058 Premium Multi Fit Roof Bars, Black Steel, Set of

Please forward your queries to our WhatsApp: 8181 9833 (NO CALLING). We will reply you as soon as we are available during office hours Monday to Saturday. Sunday & Public holidays Off.

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Stainless Steel Mirror Cabinet - K-Mono 20 White Color


Stainless Steel Mirror Cabinet - K-Mono 22 Black


Stainless Steel Mirror Cabinet - K-Mono 25 Black

2 In 1 Offer

Angle Valve With Bidet Spray 2 in 1 Offer


Stainless Steel Mirror Cabinet - K-Mono 21


DUBELL Towel Ring 55810


DAEGEO DDL-R9 LED Downlight 9W


DAEGEO LED 9W Ceiling Light - LCL-1009


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