Smart WiFi Star Projector Delicacy Galaxy 半額 Ocean Wave /asthenopic611155.html,Smart,Wave,25円,Delicacy,Star,Ocean,,Projector,,Galaxy,Projector,WiFi,Musical Instruments , Live Sound Stage 25円 Smart WiFi Star Projector, Delicacy Galaxy Projector Ocean Wave Musical Instruments Live Sound Stage /asthenopic611155.html,Smart,Wave,25円,Delicacy,Star,Ocean,,Projector,,Galaxy,Projector,WiFi,Musical Instruments , Live Sound Stage Smart WiFi Star Projector Delicacy Galaxy 半額 Ocean Wave 25円 Smart WiFi Star Projector, Delicacy Galaxy Projector Ocean Wave Musical Instruments Live Sound Stage

Smart WiFi Star 超特価SALE開催 Projector Delicacy Galaxy 半額 Ocean Wave

Smart WiFi Star Projector, Delicacy Galaxy Projector Ocean Wave


Smart WiFi Star Projector, Delicacy Galaxy Projector Ocean Wave

Product Description

star projector

Free your hands to control Delicacy Newest version Smart WIFI Star Projector Bluetooth Music Night Light,bringing you into a smart life!

  • There are two control modes “Manual mode” and” WiFi mode”(ON-OFF-WiFi)to control this star projector. Just slide the switch to change the mode you like.

  • Under the WiFi mode,you can just use simple conversation like" Alexa, turn on the Music Star Light" to control your light. This Smart Galaxy projector can change colors, brightness, multiple scene modes with your phone via the "Smart Life" app from anywhere.

  • You can choose your favorite colors combined with green star in various different lighting modes via remote control and app; Single (Red, Green, Blue,White) and Mixed Colors (White amp; Red, White amp; Green, White amp; Blue, Red amp; Green, Red amp; Blue, Green amp; Blue) that can create a romantic and peaceful atmosphere for your home party entertainment or leisure.

  • Delicacy star projector can release breathing stars, solid or multicolored moving cloud.They can show separately or together. Ocean wave light with green star show you a watery ocean atmosphere and glowing stars light to you!What a wonderful and relaxing starry night experience.

  • Easy to control different functions with the buttons on the projector. Moreover, you can also freely control the projector by the provided remote controller or your smart phone. Save your efforts!

  • Features:

  • Various Lighting modes. Delicacy star projector has 4 colors (Blue, Red, Green, White) to project 21 different lighting effects.

  • Voice Control, Works with Alexa, Google Assistant.Completely free your hands to control the night light via the ‘Smart Life’ App .

  • Built-in Bluetooth speaker to play your favorite song via Phone Music or USB flash dish.

  • With the sound activated lighting modes make your parties more fantastic and unique.

  • 4 Brightness Level (10%,40% 70% 100%) for your option to adjust a most appropriate brightness.

  • Timing amp; Schedule Functions.Make you turn on/off the light easily without getting out of your bed or sofa.

  • Rotating Lighting Display.Either you want the ocean wave light to rotate Dynamic or become Static, just to change the rotating speed.

  • With the Remote Controller,it's easy to choose colors, lighting mode and set the time and other functions.

  • Ideal Holiday Gift for Kids and Family! It is the best choice for Christmas, Valentine's Day, Halloween, birthday gifts,etc.
night light projector

  • How to Connect to APP
  • Step 1: Down the Smart Life App or Tuya Smart (please search for and install the application in Google play or Apple store or via the QR code on the manual)
  • Step 2: Turn on the star projector and slide to WiFi mode ( Slide the switch back and forth 3 times with the following steps: OFF-Wi-Fi-OFF-Wi-Fi-OFF-Wi-Fi, keep the host switch in "Wi-Fi" till the indicator light shows white and fast-flashing and confirm it in the app.)
  • Step 3: Open the app on your phone and start to add the device.
  • Step 4: Select Lighting-Lighting WiFi
  • Step 5: Select 2.4Ghz WiFi Network and Enter password
  • Step 6: Start Adding device, and control your star projector via APP.

  • How to Connect to Amazon Alexa
  • 1: Please download APP “Amazon Alexa” on your phone.
  • 2: Search “Smart Life”in the “Alexa Skill”.
  • 3: Authorize Alexa to log in to the “Smart Life”APP
star projector

  • Note:
  • 1.The remote controller would not work when you use it under the wifi mode.
  • 2.Please make sure remote controller pointing at product remote receiving area for better control.
  • 3. This night light lamp must stay plugged in and the power supply cable is included in the package.(Adapter Not Included)
  • 4. The night light can not stay on all night and it will automatically shut down after 4 hours under the manual mode.
  • 5.This product only supports 2.4GHz Wi-Fi,not 5GHz Wi-Fi.

  • Specifications
  • Power Supply: USB DC 5V / 2000mA
  • Operations: Buttons amp; Remote Control amp;App
  • Modes: WIFI amp; Manual
  • Projection Coverage: 161-538 ft² (15-50㎡)
  • Music Formats Support: Bluetooth amp; USB

  • Packaging List
  • 1× Starry Light Projector
  • 1× Remote Controller
  • 1× USB Cable
  • 1× User Manual
Wifi Smart Star Projector Galaxy Projector Galaxy Projector Galaxy Projector star projector
Wifi Smart Star Projector Star Galaxy Projector Star Galaxy Projector Galaxy Projector Galaxy Projector
Color Black Blue Black Black Grey
Effect Starfield amp; Cloud Starfield amp; Cloud Starfield amp; Cloud Star amp; Cloud amp; Moon Aurora amp; Star
Remote Control

Smart WiFi Star Projector, Delicacy Galaxy Projector Ocean Wave

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