Women's,Floral,Wrap,/arracach401681.html,Printed,Clothing, Shoes Jewelry , Women,ZESICA,Summer,V,Beach,Bohemian,praudhi.com,Neck,26円 26円 ZESICA Women's Summer Bohemian Floral Printed Wrap V Neck Beach Clothing, Shoes Jewelry Women Women's,Floral,Wrap,/arracach401681.html,Printed,Clothing, Shoes Jewelry , Women,ZESICA,Summer,V,Beach,Bohemian,praudhi.com,Neck,26円 ZESICA Women's Summer Bohemian Floral Wrap Beach Printed 送料無料新品 V Neck ZESICA Women's Summer Bohemian Floral Wrap Beach Printed 送料無料新品 V Neck 26円 ZESICA Women's Summer Bohemian Floral Printed Wrap V Neck Beach Clothing, Shoes Jewelry Women

ZESICA Women's Summer Bohemian 公式サイト Floral Wrap Beach Printed 送料無料新品 V Neck

ZESICA Women's Summer Bohemian Floral Printed Wrap V Neck Beach


ZESICA Women's Summer Bohemian Floral Printed Wrap V Neck Beach

Product Description

Beach Party Flowy Ruffle Midi Dress


  • Material: polyester
  • Waist Line: High Waist
  • Neckline: Wrap V neck
  • Decoration: Ruffle Hem, Wrap, Asymmetrical, Belted, Knot
  • Color:Green ,Blue ,White,Yellow,Cream,Red
  • Soft, friendly to skin, this maxi dress is spring/summer must have.
  • Wash Instruction: Hand wash recommended; Machine wash cold / Do Not Bleach / Hang or Line Dry.
  • The perfect brunch to dinner essential, it features a femme wrap fit-and-flare silhouette, a gorgeous V neckline, pretty waist tie,whimsical ditsy floral motifs throughout, angel sleeves and a ruffle hem.

Women's Summer Bohemian Floral Printed Wrap V Neck Dress


  • S=US 4-6 Bust: 35.4'' Shoulder: 14.8'' Back Length: 51.9'' Sleeve: 6.7''
  • M=US 8-10 Bust: 37.4'' Shoulder: 15.4'' Back Length: 52.7'' Sleeve: 6.7''
  • L=US 12-14 Bust: 39.3'' Shoulder: 16.0'' Back Length: 53.5'' Sleeve: 6.7''
  • XL=US 16-18 Bust: 42.5'' Shoulder: 16.8’’ Back Length: 54.3'' Sleeve: 6.7''

Summer Flowy Midi Dress


Tie Waist High Low Dress


Please Note:

  • Attention 1: Colors may appear slightly different via website due to computer picture resolution and monitor settings.
  • Attention 2: The Floral Print is random, we couldn't make sure the position of floral print on each dress, but they are defined made of same pattern fabric.

ZESICA Women's Summer Bohemian Floral Printed Wrap V Neck Beach

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retrieving data...Deaths caused by smoking this year
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