Pad,Pink,/alimonied752127.html,Large,Landscape,Gaming,Mouse,RGB,Great,Pads,Office Products , Office School Supplies,29円,,Wave,Mouse Pad,Pink,/alimonied752127.html,Large,Landscape,Gaming,Mouse,RGB,Great,Pads,Office Products , Office School Supplies,29円,,Wave,Mouse 29円 Mouse Pads Pink Great Wave Landscape RGB Large Gaming Mouse Pad Office Products Office School Supplies Mouse Pads Pink 有名な Great Wave Gaming Pad Large RGB Landscape Mouse Pads Pink 有名な Great Wave Gaming Pad Large RGB Landscape 29円 Mouse Pads Pink Great Wave Landscape RGB Large Gaming Mouse Pad Office Products Office School Supplies

Mouse Pads Pink 有名な Great 未使用品 Wave Gaming Pad Large RGB Landscape

Mouse Pads Pink Great Wave Landscape RGB Large Gaming Mouse Pad


Mouse Pads Pink Great Wave Landscape RGB Large Gaming Mouse Pad

Product description

Size:35.4×15.7 inches

★Package contains:
1*RGB Mouse Pad
1* Micro USB Cable

1: Designed by gamers, great to use for gaming/office work
2 : Thickness = 4 mm
3: Matreial : Micro-textured cloth surface , Non-slip rubber base and super glow fiber
4: Rating :5v 120mA

【 Large and Perfect Size 】: The size will fit your desktop perfectly and provide perfect movement space .
【 Anti-slip Rubber Base 】:Super glow fiber and soft cloth surface with Non-Slip rubber base ensures precise , accurate mouse control and consistent stability on your desk .
【 Ultra Smooth Surface 】:Designed with superfine fiber braided material , With a micro-textured, smooth surface , precise navigation and optimize your gaming experience.
【14 Lighting Modes 】:Super Glow Fiber - Chroma customizable lighting provides a distinctive blue.yellow. so on.

Mouse Pads Pink Great Wave Landscape RGB Large Gaming Mouse Pad

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RGB 361632R Economy

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