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State Cashmere Men's Cotton D Button V-Neck Lightweight 優先配送 アウトレット

State Cashmere Men's Cotton Cashmere Lightweight V-Neck Button D


State Cashmere Men's Cotton Cashmere Lightweight V-Neck Button D

From the brand

100% Cashmere. Be a GOAT. Not a sheep.

Our story

How we got our start?
State Cashmere was founded in 2017 in New York City, but we have been in the cashmere industry for generations. I come from a family of shepherds. I long to share with you the beautiful life of growing up in Inner Mongolia, grandparents who were shepherds, and our raising of our cashmere goats.
What makes our product unique?
Unlike most cashmere brands in the fashion industry, we work directly with the shepherds from Inner Mongolia. These are trusted relationships, and we will never work with middlemen, cashmere traders or brokers.
Why we love what we do?
Because of my family heritage, and my passion for cashmere, we bring you the finest cashmere basics from the heart of my homeland, with integrity and honesty.

Product Description

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Women's Cotton Casual Tie Front T-Shirt Women's Casual Cutout Cold Shoulder Top Women's Cotton Cashmere V-Neck Cut-Out Shoulder Pullover Women's Oversized Chunky Knit Crewneck Sweater Men's Cotton Cashmere Crewneck T-Shirt Men's Cotton Cashmere Lightweight V-Neck Sweater
Material 40% Cotton 60% Rayon 65% Viscose 35% Nylon 5% Cashmere 95% Cotton 5% Cashmere 95% Cotton 5% Cashmere 95% Cotton 5% Cashmere 95% Cotton
Season Spring/Summer Spring/Summer Summer/Fall Summer/Fall Spring/Summer Summer/Fall
Premium Soft
Machine Washable

State Cashmere Men's Cotton Cashmere Lightweight V-Neck Button D

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