Lever,/Ctenodipterini159969.html,NINJA,Brake,27円,Automotive , Motorcycle Powersports,Clutch,for,300R/Z300,praudhi.com,fit,Motorcycle,2013-2018, 27円 Motorcycle Brake Clutch Lever fit for NINJA 300R/Z300 2013-2018, Automotive Motorcycle Powersports Motorcycle Brake オーバーのアイテム取扱☆ Clutch Lever fit NINJA for 2013-2018 300R Z300 Lever,/Ctenodipterini159969.html,NINJA,Brake,27円,Automotive , Motorcycle Powersports,Clutch,for,300R/Z300,praudhi.com,fit,Motorcycle,2013-2018, 27円 Motorcycle Brake Clutch Lever fit for NINJA 300R/Z300 2013-2018, Automotive Motorcycle Powersports Motorcycle Brake オーバーのアイテム取扱☆ Clutch Lever fit NINJA for 2013-2018 300R Z300

Motorcycle Brake オーバーのアイテム取扱☆ Clutch Lever fit 人気ショップが最安値挑戦 NINJA for 2013-2018 300R Z300

Motorcycle Brake Clutch Lever fit for NINJA 300R/Z300 2013-2018,


Motorcycle Brake Clutch Lever fit for NINJA 300R/Z300 2013-2018,

Product description



Ninja 250R 2007-2012
Ninja 300 abs 2014
Z125 2014-2016
EX250 Ninja 250 2000-2007
Ninja250/EX250 2015
Z250 2013-2014
Z250SL 2016-2017
Ninja 300R/Z300 (w amp; w/o ABS) 2013-2017

100 % brand new
Material :  T6061-T6 Aluminum (High Quality Material, Light grade amp; Light-weight)
Finish: CNC amp; Anodized (durable and not easy to fade)
Color : Show as pictures
Folding Length: Approx max 5.0’’/127mm, min 3.7’’/95mm (show as picture)
Weight: 350g
Package: 1 pair (rightamp;left)
Others:  Perfect fit and no modification is needed, no install instructions included

1.The lever heads in pictures are different from the orignal levers,
because there are too many models of the motorcycles.
2.Please leave us a note about the model and year of your bike when you payment,
we would check for you before send out the item.
3.If you wanna the levers, but it don’t fit your bike in those listing.
Please do feel free to contact us and tell us the YEAR and
MODEL of your bike. We would like check for you.

About after-sales service:
*We are committed unconditional return policy to
every value customer for three months. We always try to
provide high quality products and best service to
everyone. If you have any questions, please do feel free
to contact us.

Motorcycle Brake Clutch Lever fit for NINJA 300R/Z300 2013-2018,

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