Panels,,Trellis,,BestNest,Black,,H,with,Side,191円,/Achernar684764.html,Achla,Sunflowers,90",Patio, Lawn Garden , Gardening Lawn Care 191円 BestNest Achla Sunflowers Trellis with Side Panels, Black, 90" H Patio, Lawn Garden Gardening Lawn Care BestNest Achla Sunflowers Trellis with Panels Black H 90" お金を節約 Side BestNest Achla Sunflowers Trellis with Panels Black H 90" お金を節約 Side 191円 BestNest Achla Sunflowers Trellis with Side Panels, Black, 90" H Patio, Lawn Garden Gardening Lawn Care Panels,,Trellis,,BestNest,Black,,H,with,Side,191円,/Achernar684764.html,Achla,Sunflowers,90",Patio, Lawn Garden , Gardening Lawn Care

BestNest Achla Sunflowers Trellis with Panels Black H 90

BestNest Achla Sunflowers Trellis with Side Panels, Black, 90" H


BestNest Achla Sunflowers Trellis with Side Panels, Black, 90" H

Product description

Bring bright blooms to your yard or garden with this Achla Black Sunflowers Trellis with Side Panels package. Placing these structures within your flowerbed or in a corner of your lawn not only adds remarkable style; it also highlights your love of these familiar flowers and defines a corner. Three detailed sunflower blooms occupy the top of the arched Achla Sunflowers Trellis, with an additional blossom in profile on each of the Achla Sunflowers Side Panels for a unified effect. A bevy of curving, round rails within each piece lends shape to them, and provides climbing plants gripping spots for upward growth and healthy roots. The horizontal rails align nicely on each, furthering the look, and the wrought iron construction remains durable for seasons of service. Pointed legs on the pieces insert into soil easily, making the set great for visually dividing a garden space or creating an outdoor nook. For versatility, install these pieces around an air conditioning unit or pool filter for a touch of elegance, or place them in your garden to support crops. Cultivate natural style in your landscaping with this Black Sunflowers Trellis with Side Panels package. Assembly required.

Kit Contents:
Qty 1 Achla Sunflowers Trellis, Black, 90"H
Qty 1 Achla Sunflowers Trellis Side Panels, Black, 58"H, Set of 2

Trellis Dimensions: 36"W x 90"H
Panel Dimensions: 18"W x 58"H each
Mounting: insert legs into soil
Construction: wrought iron

BestNest Achla Sunflowers Trellis with Side Panels, Black, 90" H

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